One of the most important factors in fire prevention is keeping flammable objects away from sources of heat.

A deadly fire tragically started in the Old Irving Park neighborhood on Thursday the 26th of November. An investigation stated that the fire started from, “Use of smoking material” and that the fire spread rapidly because of a supplemental oxygen tank that fueled the combustion.

More common items can also be a source of a fire in the home. Here are some easy prevention tips:

-Flammable materials, such as potholders or paper towels, should always be kept away from the stove or toaster ovens.

-A clean stovetop, burners, and oven can make a difference. Grease can build up quickly and start a fire.

-Keep your pets safe, but keeping them away from the stove. This also helps to stop them from knocking things onto the burner.

-Loose fitting clothes can catch on fire, so make sure to tightly  sleeves when cooking.

Being aware of these practical, yet simple tips can keep you and your home safe.

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