Three apartments and a dry cleaner with severe fire damage in Morton Grove

It is necessary to have a plan in case you become homeless from a fire.

            In Morton Grove, a fire spread throughout one of Morton Groves oldest commercial and residential complex and left 3 families out on the streets and one business closed down. It appears to have started from some faulty electrical wiring and from there spread to the rest of the building.

            Sadly, one person was sent to the hospital. The families were very lucky that more people weren’t seriously injured. The firefighters were able to stop the fire before it destroyed too much of the building’s structure, so it will not have to be torn down and replaced.

            A couple of points your fire safety/prevention plan could include:

  • Adequate insurance to replace damaged items
  • Regularly practicing getting out of your apartment in the event of a fire
  • A contact list of friends or family who can help you in case your home become uninhabitable
  • A 72 hour food supply and clothing kit

Luckily this fire took place only a block from the fire station, but you can imagine the damage had it taken longer for the fire fighters to get there and stop the blaze.

Remember to always plan ahead and stay safe!

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