Abandoned Building Burns in Waukegan

Three dozen firefighters were needed to stop a fire in a vacant Waukegan building on December 4th 2020. The fire is believed to have started early in the morning and it took the fire fighters 5 hours to finally put out the fire.  The cold weather that morning, it is December after all, harmed the fire fighters ability to quickly put out the fire. 

We can’t know exactly what started the fire, but when a building is vacant for a long time, like this one was, it can become a fire hazard. Worse, your insurance company may not accept the claim on a vacant building without a specific endorsement to do so. Please keep that in mind. 

There is a distinction between an unoccupied and a vacant building. They do not mean the same thing at all. This difference is critical in getting insurance to pay. Insurance policies have vacancy exclusions and that can cost you.

Vacant properties are more prone to vandalism, damage and theft. Vacant means “completely empty”. This means that not only are there no people, but no personal property either. For instance you go on vacation for some time period and in this case your home is just unoccupied. Remove people and personal property and now your home is vacant. You may lose coverage in the case of a vacancy. 

Please check your policy and be clear on the difference.

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