Smoke Damage Repair

Smoke Damage Repair

The biggest restoration challenge is often removing all the smoke, soot and odor present. Untrained or amateur repairs can actually make things worse and it’s truly aggravating when, after you thought things were fixed, you the odor returns. This is much more common than you’d think and why training, certifications and experience in smoke odor control is so critical.

You see the fire, but  homeowners and building owners who experience a fire don’t understand the full extent of the damage.

Fires create products of incomplete combustion or PICs for short. These chemicals exist out of sight, but penetrate into walls, floors, attics, crawlspaces, carpet, fabrics, wood, and air handling systems.  The health effects of being exposed to PICs can manifest themselves years later, not just during and after the fire itself.

In his classic work, “Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health,” Dr. Michael Berry, former Deputy Director of the U.S. EPA states:

Most homeowners and building owners who experience a fire don’t understand the full extent of the damage.  Of course, they are struck by the visible devastation . . . they can see the accumulation of carbon and other particles blackening what is left, they can smell the odors, they can see the physical destruction.

But the damage is worse than what they see because PICs exist out of sight.  PICs infiltrate carpet, fabrics, wood, and air handling systems.  They settle behind walls and in attics and crawlspaces.  After fires, people usually experience PICs indirectly in the odors the fire created.  PICs threaten health far more than the fire itself . . . The health effects of being exposed to PICs can manifest themselves years later, not just during and after the fire itself.

 Professional cleaning or restoration after a fire is essential to protect human health and valuable materials.  Uncontrolled indoor fires produce toxic and hazardous wastes.  Restoration always requires intense and environmentally correct cleaning methods.  Professionals in restoration must be highly skilled.  They must know all about cleaning in general, and must understand materials, carpet, fabrics, air ducts, and odors in detail . . .

Fire Restoration has a simple basic objective: Remove PICs from persons, places and things of value.  There are two steps to achieving this objective: 1) Moves as much as possible offsite to be cleaned, and 2) Restore the damaged structure and indoor environment completely by removing PICs from the building envelope. 

Smoke is the product of combustion released into the air and smoke/fire residue is what remains after the smoke. It either falls directly onto or adheres to surfaces in its path. Combustion smoke consists of carbon and literally hundreds of individual chemicals, generally producing either oxides of nitrogen (NO2), chlorine dioxide (CO2) or worse polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which are suspect carcinogens.

During a fire, even a small one, soot residue is carried by humidity, volatile vapors,and air currents throughout a structure.  This smoke residue can be dry, oily, greasy, and or  baked on. Some fires generate large quantities of loose soot residue. Use care entering your own fire as particle residue is a significant respiratory hazard. Please take appropriate protective measures.

Smoke spreads into all sorts of cracks and crevices throughout a structure.  Smoke residue gets behind closed doors, and into closed cabinets, in closets, or in furniture drawers. The heat from a fire causes expansion and forces smoke and odor deep into the pores of surfaces and upon cooling these pores contract trapping the smoke and odor. Hot smoke residues are attracted to cool surfaces which can often create strange patterns and smoke/odor damage far from the fire.

Using state of the art equipment Morgan & Sons Fire Restoration Company can solve the smoke/odor problem that occurs. We’re trained and certified in smoke and odor techniques that truly work. We’ve handled smoke and odor problems that others simply couldn’t. We’ve solved the toughest problems in single family homes, multi-unit buildings,and businesses. You’ll be happy you called us as decades of clients have never called us back for a smoke or odor problem. We know what we’re doing.

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